Pursuing Freedom.

Restoring Lives.

We believe that every life matters. That’s why we do what we do. Check out our Stories of Freedom to see some of the lives we have had the privilege of supporting through our work.

Founder, Ambassador and Global Strategist

Jenny Gilpin

We all have a story. Mine was discovering at the age of 27 that I was the child born of a gang rape. After coming to terms with this, a heart grew within me for those suffering from the life-controlling effects of deep trauma as well as victims of sexual abuse.

In 2005, City Hearts was founded with a mandate to fully restore those with a history of vulnerability and exploitation. We began with a single home to help women with life controlling issues and shortly after welcomed our first survivor of Modern Slavery. Since then it has been a breathtaking leap into the underbelly of British Society.

The people we support are highly traumatised, some with children whose innocent years have been shattered. To hear their stories is beyond heartbreaking. It compels us to never stop caring and loving, to not shrink back and to develop what we do even further.

Thousands of survivors have been restored though the work of City Hearts, but we are not content to rest in our past while the wounds of our world lie open and bleeding. We are on a mission to expand City Hearts right across the United Kingdom and go further beyond to make it a truly international force on earth.

Together we can see a new generation of people arise, free from the blight of their past and free to live a life of both peace and wholeness.

Chief Executive Officer

Ed Newton

I have the privilege of working with an incredible and dedicated team of over 100 staff and many more volunteers who together are committed to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable and exploited people in our society.

I first came on board back in 2012 when we opened a new safe house for survivors of Modern Slavery, particularly for those recently freed from forced labour. As we welcomed our first family who were a mum, dad and their teenage daughter, we heard their horrific story of coming straight to us from the farm where they had been held captive for some time. This story, along with many others, constantly reminds me that the people in our care come at their most vulnerable, and that City Hearts exists for their recovery and for lasting freedom and restoration.

The projects of City Hearts have been proven to change lives. In testament to this, a number of City Hearts graduates now work for us using their stories, their breakthrough, to help others to find freedom. We are expanding into Scotland, uniting with companies offering employment for our survivors, and have a huge heart for much more to be done both in the United Kingdom and in other countries in the world.

We constantly seek to improve our services, to help people find freedom and restoration.

Head of Development

Phill Clayton

The need for the work of City Hearts in the world today is all too apparent. On any given day there are suspected to be 40.3 million victims of Modern Slavery, it’s clear that there’s a long way to go before we can say we have put an end to it.

With such great need comes such great scope to bring change to so many individuals. I am passionate about growing and developing the network of organisations that City Hearts partners with. And to strengthen and improve the care we are able to provide for survivors of Modern Slavery.

This is more that just about rescuing someone from unthinkable circumstances. This is about restoring their lives, and giving them back the future that was once take from them. Our aim is to see this kind of long-term support developed globally across all of our projects.

Head of Services

Louise Durham

Pursuing freedom and restoring lives. That’s what my job is all about. There’s no greater joy than seeing our clients take steps forward on their journey to freedom from their past. From counselling, to drop ins, to our residential Restore programme, I’m passionate about seeing people have their hope restored with a new picture of their future.


City Hearts was founded by Jenny Gilpin in 2005 as an expression of Hope City Church’s desire to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of society’s most vulnerable. Today the charity is governed with its own distinct board of directors (who were appointed in 2015), bringing together a wide gamut of organisational development and sector-specific experience. City Hearts continues to uphold the heart and values of Christian compassion, upon which the charity was established. 


We carry an outstanding reputation developed through years of experience and a continual desire to progress.


We are hope filled, believing all things are possible in the lives of those we care for.


We are accountable to those we care for as well as our donors and our contract holders and do everything with the utmost integrity.


We continually work hard to creatively develop solutions to help those we care for get the best outcomes.


We offer outstanding care that brings independence and lasting change for our clients.


Our support for those we care for is not bound by race, gender or sexuality. We seek to provide the utmost care for every life equally.




We opened our first home to restore women with life controlling issues.


We welcomed our first survivor of Modern Slavery referred by South Yorkshire Police.


We launched our first Safe House as part of the Government’s provision for Modern Slavery survivors. A 24-7 supported home for women based in the heart of England.


We extended our support to men, opening a Safe House in North West England.


Delivery of Outreach Support (outside of our safe houses) begins for survivors of Modern Slavery. Integration Support is launched – starting with a community Drop-in based in North West, England.


New Safe Houses opened: men’s and family houses in South Yorkshire, family & women’s houses in the North West and a family house in North East England. Our African Child Partnership Programme begins in Accra, Ghana.


Our Bright Future Employment Programme is developed with the Co-op, to help support survivors enter into the work force.


Work with Ex-Offenders both in prison and released from prison in the North of England begins through our About Face Programme (supporting both men and women).


Bright Future Employment Programme is extended to help all survivors based in the UK find employment with the Co-op and other major business partners. Integration support is extended to cover South Yorkshire and the North East.


We launched into Scotland through our partnership with City Hearts Aberdeen, with a home for survivors and women struggling with life-controlling issues.

Emerging Voices, our new research project based in Ghana begins. It aims to help young people explore their awareness of historic and modern slavery, to be the voice of the next generation shaping future Anti-Slavery strategies.

Expansion into the Netherlands. Working in collaboration with C3 Rivers: a local church based in Arnhem, to offer practical support to women through a drop in, language cafe and life-coaching sessions.


Continued strategic expansion through donor support and government support.