Empowers victims who are survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation in the UK, through counselling and support during the trail process, and helping them to engage in the community. We aim to reduce the cases of Child Sexual Exploitation in the UK, by providing educational workshops in schools, and training for professionals focused on the dangers of exploitation and the signs of abuse.

City Heart’s CSE Prevention and Support is unique because:

  • We offer individual and group counselling and support that is tailored to the needs of the women
  • We work in partnership with local support services
  • We offer support post-trail, as well as during the trial
  • We provide a drop-in service to encourage community involvement and education


City Hearts listened without judging and it made me feel safe. – CSE Survivor


We are touching the tip of the huge iceberg working with survivors of CSE in our pilot project but we believe every life matters, every story should be told, every voice has the right to be heard and we have a duty to restore something that was stolen from them: their innocence, hope and a future. We are excited to be a part of standing in the gap to support these survivors. – City Hearts Staff


I also want to take this opportunity to thank the agencies we have worked closely alongside throughout our inquiry, who have played vital roles in supporting our victims and preparing them for this trial.

Although this prosecution is a key event in rebuilding lives, it is only the start of the process for many. Many wonderful people in the voluntary sector are committed to helping victims of abuse. Specifically I would like to thank City Hearts, an organisation and charity that helps numerous young women. – Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate