Developed in partnership with Co-Op Food, Bright Futures is a unique, fast track into employment programme. Uniquely providing survivors of modern slavery a work placement in Co-op stores and warehouses, followed by a guaranteed non-competitive interview. Crucially, the individual is supported by City Hearts into, during and after the work placement.


Co-op Bright Future is unique because:

  • We are the first charity to secure an agreement with a company with global influence, to guarantee job opportunities for survivors of modern slavery


“The Fresh Start Report found that 76% of victims exited the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) into unknown circumstances. The Integration Support Programme (ISP) aims to catch people as they fall off the cliff edge of support after the NRM. Since the 9th January 2017, 97% of those asked if they wanted ongoing support after leaving the NRM said yes. The ISP has supported 73 individuals, seeing referrals into our post NRM service rise by 118%.”

Read the full report: ISP Interim Report January-March 2017

For those interested in tackling modern slavery and its legacies in an effective, sustainable and humane way, long-term outcomes for survivors are central and fundamental.

This report is an evaluation of one example of a long-term support system set up by City Hearts in response to the challenges of long-term care for survivors of modern slavery.

Read the full report: Fresh Start Report March 2017