Creates an environment where clients increase their social skills and reduce their isolation through various educational workshops, health and wellbeing activities, and by having a continuous access point to vital services and friendship.

Drop-Ins are unique because:

  • We offer a service that has no end point, clients can access drop-ins long after they leave our care
  • We tailor the sessions to the region that they are operated in
  • We offer a day that is engaging, and designed to be the highlight of someone’s week


It’s the Highlight of the week. To be able to provide a safe and secure place which enables clients to explore their creativity is wonderful. To be able to brighten up someone’s week is an honour and a privilege. – City Hearts Staff

The Drop-In sessions provide a safe environment for clients to come together and spend time engaging in a variety of different activities. It is a privilege to witness and assist the clients coming together and enjoying themselves in a moment that surpasses languages barriers, cultural differences and painful experiences. This is essential for the wellbeing of the clients as it allows them to focus on something other than their past trauma, as well as equipping them with skills that can be applied once outside of our care. – City Hearts Staff

I love drop-in it’s a wonderful place full of beautiful people. I feel like I am in a different world away from problems. Doing lots of activities and being around lots of different people. I will really miss drop in-s if I ever move away. – City Hearts Client