Improves the welfare of children whose parents have escaped exploitation throughout South Yorkshire, by providing normal childhood activities such as trips and other activities. Also empowers those parents to rebuild their family relationships, through positive parenting techniques and personalised programmes.

Our Family Support Programme is unique because:

  • We are proud to support this vital service even though there is no Government provision to support the children whose parents are the survivors of modern slavery
  • We give children the space and opportunity to overcome their own trauma through counselling and activities
  • We allow parents privacy during their own therapy sessions, and children the protection from exposure to hearing parents relive the trauma of their experiences


The Family Support team are absolutely invaluable. They are full of energy, enthusiasm and are focussed on the needs of the children in our care. The team really do have a heart for vulnerable children and dedicate their time to helping children who have witnessed, or been subject to, exploitation and violence, giving them an opportunity to overcome their trauma in a safe and creative way. I have seen the gradual transformative effects of Family Support’s work and am always amazed by the work that they do. – City Hearts Staff

They have been really helpful with the boys to help them with their school work and learning to write their names in English. – “Lydia”: Mother of 2 young boys.