Enables a high quality of life for men, woman and children rescued from modern slavery throughout the UK by signposting them to healthcare services, and educating and supporting them through Drop-In’s and workshops that focus on wellbeing, routine and parenting.

Our Health and Wellbeing Support is unique because:

  • We take a holistic approach to each individual in our care
  • We have a personalised network of professionals in the healthcare, support and educational fields who we access for services and advice


I love being able to work with the clients in a way that looks at them holistically and being able to work with them and their caseworkers to make sure that all their needs are met. Being creative in the way we provide information that can make a lasting difference. – City Hearts Staff

I really enjoyed the sessions we did, they were really relaxing but also taught me lots of new things that I can use in everyday. And also helped me learn how to deal with difficult times. – City Hearts Client