Empowers women throughout the UK with life controlling issues, including addiction, self-harm, anxiety and depression, to live free and happy lives through a holistic, residential programme.


Restore is unique because:

  • We are committed to providing long-term support, typically 6-18 months
  • We encourage and support the transition to independence
  • We provide a holistic approach with additional services, such as counselling
  • We provide a safe environment for women to journey to personal freedom


It is a privilege working in City Hearts Restore; seeing transformation first-hand and watching women take the first steps towards freedom for the first time is incredibly humbling. – City Hearts Staff

I came in ┬ádesperate, broken and with no hope for the future, I left looking forward to a full life free from the issues that held me back. Now I am working to help others find that same freedom. – Restore Programme Graduate


For more information regarding our Restore Programme please contact our South Yorkshire Head Office directly via email : info@cityhearts.co.uk