Supports the South Yorkshire Police in identifying and safe guarding victims of modern slavery, through involvement at brothel welfare checks, by providing pastoral care and emotional support to those rescued. Accompanying SY Police on site, pastorally supporting victims as they are found and taken into care.

Our support with South Yorkshire Police Brothel Welfare Checks is unique because:

  • We provide experienced staff who are providing on-the-ground support at the time of rescue
  • We submit valuable reports which help to identify needs of those rescued so that they can start to access crisis support as soon as possible


I remember the very first night we went on a welfare check with South Yorkshire Police. We went to a brothel that I would unknowingly drive past most days to get to work. The smell and atmosphere was one I could only describe as oppressive. Seeing the women in this building was heart breaking, knowing that there is so much more to life that this. I remember having the opportunity to interview a young woman who was just 18 years old. I asked to see her ID and she showed me a picture of her Mum in her purse, goodness knows when the last time she saw her was. She broke down into tears at the realisation of missing her Mum and the reality of her life now – one that was far away from the dreams she once had. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the pain in her eyes. I count it an honour and privilege to be part of helping these girls find their way to freedom. – City Hearts Staff


Alongside our partner agencies, such as Ashiana and City Hearts, both of who help those affected by issues relating to modern slavery and trafficking, we are working to identifying victims so that we can safeguard these vulnerable people. – South Yorkshire Police