Robert always wanted a better life. He saw an advert in the paper for a job in the UK at a car-wash, and so Robert and his family travelled to England to start their new lives.

However, all did not go according to plan. He had been promised somewhere to live, and a well paid job, but instead his boss applied for benefits on Robert’s behalf, claimed all the money, and never paid Robert for his work.

Robert’s wife was pregnant with twins, but it wasn’t until at 38 weeks the traffickers let them seek medical attention. It was there that the family’s story was uncovered.

The family was rescued and brought to City Hearts Safe House. The twins arrived just one week after.

Robert joined the City Hearts Integration Support Programme, there his shattered confidence was rebuilt. He was successful in getting a job and is now employed full time.

Robert is excited for his family’s future and has a purpose in life once again.